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Since this is my first blog, I thought I’d introduce myself.  My name is Tina Brown, but my pen name is TM Brown.  I thought it would be cool to have a pen name, even if I didn’t sell one book. To me, it sorta validated the fact that I am a published author.  I also hoped that potential readers would be intrigued by my name and want to know more, (aka buy books).

So, this whole thing started almost immediately after my divorce became final in September of 2012.  I was living in a 3-bedroom house in Stroudsburg, Pa and was determined to show the world (mostly my ex), that I would be just fine. I even took the time to walk through the house with my bible, praying that the evil, hurtful vibe would leave. 

I was lucky enough to work from home full-time, so very few people saw how truly lost I was.  I’d been married for almost 19 years but hadn’t felt happy or loved in years.  Then..a voice whispered an idea to me, to dust off my USB stick and submit the manuscript to the company that sent me an email ad.  Within a few days, they contacted me stating that if I could come up with around $500, then I could see my words in print.

I had no idea where I was going to get the money.  Plus, there were several more important things that I could spend the money on, like the mortgage ;).  Several days later, I received a call from my company’s travel accounting office stating that they had underpaid my travel voucher.  They would be sending me a check for…..wait for it…a little over $500!

So,I had the money that I needed for my book.  I was sure that this was a sign from God.  I was reminded that HE never gives us a plan without making a way for it to happen.

After going back and forth with the publishing company on the book cover design and making only minor edits to the book, (should have spent more time that – lesson learned), my first book, A Life Not My Own, was published in December of 2012.

More stories to follow…but only if you wanna hear them .  Send your questions.


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