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Pamela  was unaware of the depths of hatred that her Auntie felt for her.  There was no denying that she was definitely different from her father.  But it was more than that.  It was more about the fact that Pamela was the spitting image of her mother, Sue.  It was as if her father, Edward, had nothing to do with her birth at all!   Pamela had inherited all of her mother’s traits, her walk, the soft manner in which she spoke, even the intense way that she looked at you as she listened, displaying her attentiveness to every word spoken.

Her Auntie considered all these traits, high and mighty, and uppity.  She felt that it was Pamela’s way of showing her feelings of superiority over every one in the family and her ungratefulness for all that she’d done for her after “your mother just disappeared and your drunk ass, no count father couldn’t keep a roof over your head”, as she’d often reminded Pamela.


2016 Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Book Award WINNER for Struggles of the Women Folk

"Each year the FAPA recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production for North American authors and publishers"

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